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V2 setup-java ADR (#97)
* V2 setup-java initial ADR

* Update ADR

* Misc fixes

* Clarifications around default behavior and new input

* PR feedback
2021-03-08 12:38:33 -05:00
.. V2 setup-java ADR (#97) 2021-03-08 12:38:33 -05:00 V2 setup-java ADR (#97) 2021-03-08 12:38:33 -05:00


ADR, short for "Architecture Decision Record" is a way of capturing important architectural decisions, along with their context and consequences.

This folder includes ADRs for the setup-java action. ADRs are proposed in the form of a pull request, and they commonly follow this format:

  • Title: short present tense imperative phrase, less than 50 characters, like a git commit message.

  • Status: proposed, accepted, rejected, deprecated, superseded, etc.

  • Context: what is the issue that we're seeing that is motivating this decision or change.

  • Decision: what is the change that we're actually proposing or doing.

  • Consequences: what becomes easier or more difficult to do because of this change.

  • More information about ADRs can be found here.